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Going Glam

As the premier luxury lifestyle magazine in the Midwest, we make sure to cover fashion in every issue. Twice a year, we head out to New York City to cover New York Fashion Week and spot the trends for the upcoming season, both men' and women's. It's always exciting when a fashion event happens here in Minneapolis, where Minnesotans can check out cutting edge[...]

Lexus Golden Opportunity Sales Event

Lexus has announced the best deals of the summer during the Golden Opportunity Sales event. If you, or anyone you know are interested in purchasing or leasing a vehicle in the upcoming weeks, take advantage of the amazing offers during the Golden Opportunity Sales Event.  Visit or for more details. 0.9% APR^ Finance [...]

Enter to win a FREE OtterBox Symmetry Series Phone Case!

So...have you heard about OtterBox? Or Rendi? This incredible duo has teamed up to create phone cases that are customizable and personalized (and WAY cute) while protecting your phone from bumps, drops, and potential shatters. If you've ever had a shattered phone screen, you know the glory of this product. It's a slim, sturdy case with an internal honeycomb[...]

Meet Rendi

The team at Artful Living have been longtime fans of the adorable custom designs from Rendi, Ltd., a Colorado company known for their photo storyboards and personalized tags (in fact, we’ve had one of their tags hanging on the wall of our office for over two years!) AL sat down with the founders of Rendi, Annie & Mark Danielson, to talk all things creati[...]

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Glossy, Gorgeous and Distinctive. We love Artful Living Magazine for the overall package – a high quality, special boutique publication that offers unique content and design with interesting local and global focus on home and lifestyle. Our clients love the publication. Our ADS really pop and get noticed!

–Streeter & Associates

Advertising in Artful Living has paid off in spades for Earthscape. Over the last year Artful Living has generated over $500,000 in sales for my company. I appreciate that it hits a targeted demographic of people with significant incomes and people that are interested in improving their homes.

– Shane Schaaf, Earthscape Stoneworks

Artful Living is absolutely looking fantastic! I am extremely impressed with the magazine and the business results we are getting. We track every lead. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if your need anything from us – we are all your fans here at STEELE!

– Steele Smiley, Founder & CEO Steele Fitness